About Us

IKSW is Boyle Heights Los Angeles hip hop reflecting the struggle of survival, identity and autonomy in all our youth and community leaders. 

This is the wardrobe of a generation that made creating art a "lifestyle". Although Hip Hop was manifested in the projects out of a need for disenfranchised people to express them selves its apeal has grown into all facets of society, it was only a matter of time before street artist put there hands in designing garments and made it fashion. Welcome to ILLKIDS STREETWEAR..

Illkidsstreetwear creates clothes that reflect an attitude and desire to foster social change in the world. The clothes are designed by urban artist whose art is from the streets and  the lifestyle they have lived. Illkidsstreetwear gives back 30% of its profits to invest into social causes that are committed to change in the world such as Homeboy Industries and LPAN in Los Angeles California. Join our movement to use clothing to send a message of hope, create jobs and help us inspire the world.

L.A to world wide. Celebrating Art, Music, Life, Culture. From our Hood to Yours.

IKSW was created by the Misol Tribe. Some of the illest kids on the East Side.